ARS Arts & Culture Center in Benton Harbor - $65 Paint & Pour Class Certificate for 32.50

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Certificates good for paint & pour class. No cash back. One certificate per class.

There is so much to ARS Arts & Culture Center. ARS is making art accessible. Not only are they making art accessible, they are providing an opportunity for you to create your own cultural experience for all ages! The best place to go is the ARS website  to find out what the current class schedule is. You can participate in classes like; wine education, read and learn about books, art and wine, philosophy, paint and pour classes (with wine), Italian, French, and even the Art of Entertaining. A huge part of what ARS offers, are classes for youth. Youth 11-15 can participate in after school mixed media lessons. Teens also have an opportunity to participate in “I Am The Greatest” art workshops inspired by Muhammad Ali’s story. The ARS Gallery/Arts and Culture center is located in the Benton Harbor Arts District and provides visual arts, arts education, cultural language classes, and outreach to local youth! This is a place for you, start exploring and learning now!

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