B & B Outlet in Watervliet - $10 Certificates for $5

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$10 Certificates for only $5 a piece! Limit one per person per visit.

Looking for a deal? Do you want to save up to 50 percent on groceries? B&B Outlet is the place to shop. At B&B Outlet there is a wide variety of items to be able to complete your shopping list. The biggest question is how can we save you so much money? B&B Outlet specializes in seconds, shelf pulls, label changes, overstocks, close dated and past dated foods. Most packages have a date stamp on them that either says sell by or best by. These dates are the manufactures attempt to keep products rotated on the shelves. Food typically doesn’t expire until well past it’s date stamp. You can feed your family safe delicious meals at a fraction of the cost by being a discount shopper! Satisfaction is guaranteed at B&B Outlet in Watervliet!! www.bboutletsales.com