Finale Touch in Stevensville - $20 Certificate for $10

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Finale Touch is a passion project aiming to provide alternative options for wellness.  We are dedicated to giving you the very best in health, beauty, and wellness with THC free CBD, non-CBD products, and high quality commercial hair.  Stop in to learn more about what we have to offer, including

THC Free Natural Supplements that support a healthy immune system, pain management, weight management, glucose support and even pet health.  The MontaVida coffee line, which was created by coffee lovers on a mission to deliver the best-tasting coffee drinking experience ever, and certified-organic healthy teas infused with antioxidant-delivering ramon seeds, and metabolism-boosting MCT oil. The result is an elegantly delicious tea that relaxes your senses, rejuvenates your mind, restores your energy… and renew your soul.