Inspired Minds Hypnotherapy in St. Joseph - $125 Certificate for $62.50

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Valid for one session. Each session lasts 60-120 minutes based on assessed need.

Hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools we have available for self-improvement. It is safe. It is effective. Jeff Alisch successfully works with individuals for all sorts of issues and concerns from helping an athlete to be the best they can be, to improved study habits, to overcoming addictions or simply relieving stress. When under hypnosis, the client is aware of everything that’s happening around them. They remain in control at all times.
And they will never say or do anything while under hypnosis that is outside of their nature. Jeff Alisch can consult with your doctor, dentist, or other professionals who refer their patients for hypnosis. He is a positive, professional hypnotherapist helping people just like you. Please call 269.313.2256 to learn more or to schedule a confidential appointment online go to:

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