Niles Scream Park - $28 Triple Dog Dare Ticket for $14!

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One Triple Dog Dare Ticket! Admission to Niles Haunted House 2019, N'awlins Nightmare, and Deadwood! The largest haunted house attraction in Michigan–44 Acres! Niles Haunted House - Professional artists and engineers worked all year to recreate scenes from classic horror films. It’s impossible to see the whole House in one trip, so the Park offers a discounted repeat ticket (on the same night)! N'awlins Nightmare - Welcome to New Orleans at night! A popular destination for tourism, cajun cuisine and mystery. While the locals are very hesitant to share tales about Marie Laveau, you will journey through the dark streets and witness the Queen of Voodoo. After the sun sets, the stories come alive, but time will tell if you have what it takes to survive!  Deadwood - The Gold Rush brought with it tales of fortune and fame, but it was accompanied by unsavory visitors who brought murder and mayhem to the once quiet and peaceful town of Deadwood. The unfortunate followers of the Wild Bill gang seek to reclaim the glory days by whatever means necessary and you are in the thick of it. The price you pay may be your life!  We SCARE because we CARE! The Niles Haunted House is a non-profit organization supporting Michiana for over 40 years! In 2016 over $124,000 were donated to over 50 community organizations and given in scholarships to local high school seniors. More than 1.7 million dollars donated since 1996! .