Niles Scream Park - Haunted House Attraction - $15 for $7.50

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Valid for Haunted House 2021 Season Only.

NOTE: Those who purchase Super Saver deals for this attraction do not need to make a reservation! But if you plan to purchase additional tickets for other group members needing tickets, reservations will be strongly recommended. Those without reservations (that do not already have a Super Saver certificate) may not be granted admission to come along with your group, so if you wish to go together, please consider making additional purchases here on Super Saver.

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The Niles Haunted House: 

The largest and most popular of our attractions, it has been with us since the beginning! Before you even get to the massive house, you must make your way along a lonely, winding path with shaky bridges over dark ponds, foggy patches through trees and a completely pitch-black maze leading to the dead!  

Once you get into the house, there are over 100 different paths through the attraction, and it is impossible to see it all with less than seven trips. Each year the rooms, theme, sound effects and scares are changed to provide a fresh show. In 2021, you will experience a variety of your worst nightmares. From decrepit catacombs to the thrills and chills of clowns in our “Big Top Terror”, we will have your adrenaline pumping! 

After you’ve made it through the main House, you still have to survive a late 1800’s village as you continue through many more twists and turns!