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Admission to Niles Haunted House 2020. The Niles Haunted House is the largest and most popular of our attractions. It's the one that has been with us since the beginning! Before you even get to the massive house, you must make your way along a lonely, winding path with shaky bridges over dark ponds, foggy patches through trees and a completely blacked out guard building. Once you get into the house, there are over 100 different paths through the attraction and it is impossible to see it all with less than seven trips. Each year the rooms, theme, sound effects and scares are changed to provide a fresh show!  In 2020, you will experience several scary stories intended to be told in the dark! After you've made it through the House, you still have to survive the “back swamp” which also has its own scares and monsters to frighten you!

The Niles Scream Park is not just scary, it is considered by many to be one of the top haunted attractions in the country! Certainly one of the largest, the Niles Scream Park offers 44 acres of blood-curdling fear! Unlike other haunted houses, Niles rebuilds all six major attractions each year to provide you with completely new and unique shows. The professionally designed sets and ingenious scare-tactics led The Niles Scream Park to be recognized by Haunted Attraction Magazine as one of the “Top 31 Must-See Haunted Attractions” nationwide for the last several years! This is no mere roadside attraction! Come visit one of the country's premier haunted houses!


While continuing to make progress at the Park, we also are developing a COVID Contingency Plan for the safety of ALL staff and attendees. When the time is appropriate based on current events, we will release the plan to the public on our website at

Our Park will operate a little differently this season because we want to keep everyone safe.


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