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Coupon is redeemable by scheduling an appointment by phone 574-850-6638 or by stopping in to the Renaissance Athletic Club at 501 Graham Avenue Benton Harbor, MI. racbh.com. Need not be a member of RAC to utilize these services.

Rx Physical Therapy, PLC

  • Dr. Kensey Bermingham – doctor of physical therapy, housed at Renaissance Athletic Club, with access to state of the art equipment, including Alter G anti-gravity treadmill.
  • The Alter-g is a very special machine, only 6 of these throughout the entire state of MI!
  • Inflates, reduced body weight by up to 80% so people can walk and run without pain, without a limp, recover from injuries so much faster. Even learn to walk faster following a stroke or brain injury.
  • Dr. Bermingham helps individuals recover from pain that’s lingering.
  • Housed at RAC, private therapy room, access to state of the art equipment
  • Many people present with pain for unknown reasons, injuries, sports injuries, surgeries, childbirth discomfort of aging, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, recovering from strokes, brain injuries.
  • He is able to accelerate the healing process by treating the whole body, typically within just a few visits. Every treatment plan is customized for the individual.

Evaluation– Have you been putting up with pain? Ignoring it? Staying away from certain activities or don't feel like your normal self? A doctor of physical therapy will field your health history, concerns, troubles and movement goals. These will be the guiding factors for the remainder of the consultation. Your range of motion, strength and patterns of movement will reveal the root of your problem. If you are in pain at several points throughout the day, this service will provide you understanding and control of your issue to begin putting an end to your pain and reach your goals. It will also include treatment with the remaining time, which could include cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue massage, joint mobilization and exercise. You will leave with a game plan to begin addressing your problems head on and get back to the things you enjoy without nagging, frustrating discomfort.

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