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Coupon is redeemable by scheduling an appointment by phone 574-850-6638 or by stopping in to the Renaissance Athletic Club at 501 Graham Avenue Benton Harbor, MI. racbh.com. Need not be a member of RAC to utilize these services.

Rx Physical Therapy, PLC

  • Dr. Kensey Bermingham – doctor of physical therapy, housed at Renaissance Athletic Club, with access to state of the art equipment, including Alter G anti-gravity treadmill.
  • The Alter-g is a very special machine, only 6 of these throughout the entire state of MI!
  • Inflates, reduced body weight by up to 80% so people can walk and run without pain, without a limp, recover from injuries so much faster. Even learn to walk faster following a stroke or brain injury.
  • Dr. Bermingham helps individuals recover from pain that’s lingering.
  • Housed at RAC, private therapy room, access to state of the art equipment
  • Many people present with pain for unknown reasons, injuries, sports injuries, surgeries, childbirth discomfort of aging, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, recovering from strokes, brain injuries.
  • He is able to accelerate the healing process by treating the whole body, typically within just a few visits. Every treatment plan is customized for the individual.

Run Optimization - A licensed doctor of physical therapy will perform the session. Kensey Bermingham DPT, a run camp coach for the Kalamazoo Marathon the past two years and Holland Haven Marathon finisher will assess you at the Renaissance Athletic Club. The session will start with you completing a distance run you are comfortable with to the point you are warm and possibly fatiguing. Video will be taken in order to analyze your gait mechanics and spot areas of potential growth. Your video will be broken down and explained. Following, a strength and movement assessment, practices and form changes will be provided to optimize the efficiency of your running, bulletproof your legs, and increase your speed. You will leave with a program which includes a body specific accessory work, warm up, cool down and form cues.

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